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Similar to a Mediterranean climate, the weather is mild all year long in Cayucos. Located on Coast Highway One between Monterey County and Santa Barbara County, this area of the coast enjoys almost ideal weather and over 300 days of sunshine per year. The terrain is made up of gently rolling hills and sand dunes, lush foliage and vineyards. It is known to have some of the best weather on the Central Coast. Cool ocean breezes keep temperatures from becoming too hot in the summer and the latitude and oceanic effects keeps things mild in winter. Low clouds and patchy fog are often reported often on summer days, but it almost always burns off by noontime. Precipitation in the form of rain falls November through March.


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Located on the beautiful Central Coast of California, Cayucos is half-way between San Francisco and Los Angeles and due west of Bakersfield and its surrounding communities.

Travel by Car
The town rests on beautiful scenic Highway One, with close proximity to Highway 41 (south in Morro Bay) and Highway 46 (north toward Cambria). These two highway arteries feed from US Highway 101. See driving distances and map below.

Travel by Air
The closest airports in the area are the San Luis County Regional Airport (SBP) located about 23 miles southeast of Cayucos in San Luis Obispo, California; the Paso Robles Municipal Airport (PRB) located approximately 21 miles northeast of Cayucos in Paso Robles, California; and the Santa Maria Airport (SMX) located roughly 44 miles southeast of Cayucos in Santa Maria, California.

Travel by Rail
Amtrack services the city of San Luis Obispo which is located about 20 miles southeast of Cayucos.

Driving Distance by Car

Cambria 13
Fresno 136
Morro Bay 6
Hearst Castle 22
Bakersfield 136
San Luis Obispo 21
Big Sur 88
Merced 195
Santa Maria 53
Carmel 112
Modesto 232
Santa Barbara 127
Monterey 116
Stockton 263
Los Angeles 224
San Francisco 232
Tulare 141
San Diego 333


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